We are licensed by the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. This license includes annual inspection with occasional spot checks from the previously mentioned agency as well as twice annual inspections from the Depart of Health and an annual inspection from the Fire Inspector. We have a maximum capacity of forty-one children and are currently serving the age ranges of two to four years.

We are open twelve months a year from 7:45am - 5:15pm.

We have our own transportation (all drivers have class four license) which allows us to participate in many field trips (i.e.; Country Pumpkin, SPCA, New Maryland Nature trail, and Everett's Apple Orchard) and to take part in an eight week session of once weekly trips to Kingswood Gymnastics Center.

We put great emphasis on the importance of being outdoors and participate in many nature based activities as well as regularly using Fredericton's extensive system of nature trails. We often frequent O'Dell Park, Killarney Lake Park, Hyla Nature Preserve and the UNB Woodlot. We are central to Queen Square Park, Wilmot Park and Connaught Street School and often walk to these destinations.

The children are outside in our large back yard daily and have unlimited access to sand and water (and mud and mulch!)

The children are outside in our large back yard daily and have unlimited access to sand and water (and mud and mulch!). There are also lots of "loose parts" that inspire all kinds of building and imaginative play in our outdoor environment. There are size appropriate opportunities for the children to climb and jump and challenge their bodies. Since so much time is spent there, we also incorporate creative art areas, reading areas and quiet spots to get away from all of the action. We ask that the children have outdoor gear appropriate for all weather, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

During the course of the year we host many special occasions that promote parental involvement, such as the annual Parent Night, Terry Fox Run, Christmas Concert and our year end "Celebration of our Children's Lives" , which showcases the progression of your child's education through out the course of the year. We encourage you to visit whenever you feel compelled, our door is always open! We look forward to getting to know you and your family!


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